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After years of dealing with people attacking me on Facebook for the figure drawings I have complete and shared - mainly the male nudes - I had promised I would never draw a nude again after the completion of "Unforeseen Tears". However... I have decided to say 'screw you people' and get back to drawing what I want, and who I want, rather that try to please a group of people who were not supporting my work as an artist. And yes, art is work, when it take up most of who you are as a person.

So, with that said - I have started a new drawing of a friend I have drawn many times throughout the years. He is the model in "Unforeseen Tears" and several others. As to how revealing the drawing will be? I can say that it will not be as revealing as the later drawing, even though he is sitting full frontal should I draw the reference photo as is.

I am thinking of either giving this drawing the appearance of looking unfinished, or keep the background dark and have him fade into the shadow. Allowing his face as well as his legs and penis get lost in the darkness.

#DavidJVanderpool #graphite #malefigure #nude #sitting #chair #blackandwhite

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