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Not only am I an artist that thinks outside of the box, I created that blasted box!

Every time someone unfriends me on one of my social pages, it's because they discover that not only am I an artist that thinks outside of the box, I created that blasted box!

Although artists are often free thinkers, never going with the established 'norm' it does not mean they all fit together in one category. In fact, if you judge people based on how you feel they should be living their lives, and that judgment is based on hate and prejudices, then it is you who are missing out on opportunities of meeting a potential friend. Expanding your knowledge and experiences. And therefore, you miss the simple pleasures of life!

So, if my personality, humor, artwork, faith, political views, and choices differ from yours, and you are offended then, by all means, move on. Life is too short to count those who dislike me. (Besides, I am pretty sure I can't count that high.)

If you are offended because of someone else's choices and lifestyle - it is you that needs to grow up and face the facts that people are different from one another. And that is what makes this world worth saving.

In closing: If you base your friendships and acquaintances on who you are, then you are a fool! If you deny others from the freedom to live their lives, then it is you who is the bigot, racist, and intolerant of those who choose to live different than yours, then you are bigger than just a fool.

I am a Christian man, whose political views are guided by my personal beliefs and the current situations in MY life - not a political party. I am a Christian man whose faith is direct by Jesus Christ, as my Lord and personal Savior. Not by Man or Church.

I am an artist who creates because of a Gift that was given to me by God, as a child, in order to survive a world of neglect and indifference. An artist who continues to create, in order to share and reach out to others. Not because it is to become rich or famous.

To judge me because you thought you knew me, then you never really knew me at all.

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