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Do your best no matter who the client is

The drawing strike I had set in place until the weather cools down, has come to a sudden halt. I have accepted an assignment. A commissioned drawing of a young rodeo rider, who passed away at a young age.

During our conversation at church for the last few weeks, we never discussed a price for this drawing, other than to tell the gentleman that he can pay whatever he feels is appropriate for the work I will be doing for him.

Today, when handing me the reference photo I will be working from, he informed me that I should always be paid well for the work I do, since my work is well known, widely appreciated, and quite good. That to charge less is not necessary since he can afford no matter the price I quote him.

Again, I told him he can pay whatever he feels he wishes to pay. That, to take on this project is an honor.

Yes, there is more to this story and the reason, or need for this drawing.

SIDE NOTE TO SELF: Remain humble and do your best no matter who the client is and what they can pay.

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