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As with most fine art drawings, sales ca be few and far in between. Yet, when it happens, it is a great feeling knowing that there are others out there taking notice, and interested in your work. A few weeks ago, my drawing titled "Tattoos" sold to a collector in New York City, New York, USA.

This drawing was created for a drawing book project that never really took off and therefore sales were slow to not at all. To the point, the drawing was added to the second edition to "A Look into the Art of David J. Vanderpool" and as a result, started to get the needed exposure. (No pun intended.)

As with most male nudes in America, they are not well received even among some art communities. And therefore, can often take longer for those to take notice. However - the sale of this drawing, and others, proved that there are people out there who appreciate masterfully crafted drawings. Even drawings like this!

So with that said - SPECIAL THANKS to the NYC buyer to helped give this wonderful figure drawing a place in history!

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