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Male Figure Drawings and Censorship

Just two months into 2017, I continue to find myself having to defend myself and the drawings I create. So at this point I have to ask - is it censorship or a personal attack against this artist?

Early this month several of my drawings were reported as nudity, when clearing they were not in violation of Facebook rules and guidelines. With one drawing being of a depression-era child fully dressed, another drawing of a reposed male who was clearly covered, and a newspaper article on my second solo art exhibit that took place December 8, 2016 through January 27, 2017.

Without looking beyond the report that my work was offensive, Facebook bannered me for 72 hours. Not once did they look to see the drawings in question, or they would never have banned me. Clearly this was a personal attack - a hater - someone who has a personal dislike for me. Which I find frustrating since I have little to no contact within the local art community or who wo come across as art haters.

With both liberal and conservative friends and aquantiences, I can only assume it is someone who does not know me personally, yet who finds it important for them to go out of their way to get my work censored or removed from my social pages.

With this said - at what point does art become offensive? And if offensive, what is being used to base such emotions on? Is it ignorance in art? Hatred for the artist? Or dislike within themselves that the hater must go out of their way to attack beauty that others can create?

I have created drawings in the past that focused on the beauty the good Lord placed on this early, but always made sure that the drawings was tasteful, respectful and at a least that should be accepted by man. Or so I assumed.

So what makes art offensive?

And if it is not art, then what is it that drives people to be hateful, ashamed, and childish when the subject in question is male? Has society in America declined to the point that ignorance is more accepted than culture? More than art?

For this very reason, I find it harder and harder to show my drawings in a public form. Art Councils, exhibits and events that claim to support the Arts have restricted, have forbid nude or even semi nude drawings when it comes to the male body. However, if I was to draw women then the drawings would be accepted. I would be accepted as an artist?

Ignorance, fear or shame? No matter the reason behind censorship and hate, such behave should not be tolerated in America in the 21-Century.


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