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Copyright 2000-2020. David J. Vanderpool. The drawings featured on this site are not public domain. Do not download, duplicate, copy, or use in any way, without prior written permission from the artist. The artist, as well as some of the models and photographers (if applied) who's works and image, were inspired in creating these drawings, hold all legal rights to their images, and/or the original photos these were drawn from. REMINDER: Just because someone buys a print, book, calendar, or whatever of an artist's works, they do not have legal rights to reproduce it in any way!!! And this goes for ORIGINALS too! Most who buy an original don't realize they cannot sell copies unless they bought the right from the artist.


BY VISITING THIS SITE, IN WHOLE OR IN PART indicates that you have read this notice and agree to these terms, and will accept all responsibility should legal actions be taken should you break all or any part of these terms.

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