November 18, 2018

June 5, 2017

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2018 - Rough Year

November 18, 2018

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Drawings on display at local business

June 28, 2017



The drawing on display at the Ford Theater in Shafter are "Waiting", "Cory", "Dutchman", "Last Roundup" (print from Redbubble), "Dicky Moore and Petey" (print from Redbubble), "Romeo and Juliet", "Off to an Adventure", "Nap Time", and "26 Ford".


I am not too sure how long the drawings will be on display, but at least through the end of June and perhaps through the Summer, so when passing through Shafter in the morning and you have a need for coffee then stop by the Covenent Coffee Shop at the front of the Theater at the corner of Lerdo Highway and Beech Avenue.


This evenings concert, featuring world famous Christian singer Danny Gokey, is sure to bring in a fair amount of new viewers to my pencil drawings. The drawings line the hall where people must enter when they come to the theater to be seated, just before they reach the lobby to the theater.


Yes, people will be forced to see the drawings as they waiting in line to redeem their tickets! Which, by the way, is a sold out concert and sure to bring more people to see these drawings than the two months they were on display during my final art exhibit with the arts council this past Dec-Jan.


Never one to get my hopes up, I am always thankful for opportunities to get my drawings shown in public. However, to have a business owner come to me and ask if I would display my drawings in his lobby in time for this concert is truly a Godsend. A blessing from God, and an opportunity I could never have achieved on my own even if I had tried!


Being the third public showing for most of these drawings I have reduced the prices by half, in most cases. If they do not sell this summer it's not for lack of trying or being over priced. I just cannot offer original drawings of these sizes and quality any less. It would not be fair to my hard work, skill, and to those who have been collecting my drawings in the past and have paid well.